Welcome to the Integrated Gospel Blog

This blog is dedicated to one question: What's possible if we tell the story of Jesus as an integrated story, one that makes sense of everything he taught and did?  It sounds easy, but history proves otherwise.  Disparate factions of Christendom have sometimes painted partial pictures of Jesus.

In this blog, I focus especially on the contemporary American scene, which struggles to put two themes together: Jesus' message about the "kingdom of God" and the Apostles' teaching about "salvation."  Curious or confused?  Check out the Blog Intro series.

About Hunter
I live in downtown Denver, Colorado, a town I crushed hard while working a consulting gig here from 2000-2004.  I had a hard time shaking her off.  So I moved in, like countless Western pilgrims before and after me.  

I'm giving my life to a big hope: to see a gospel movement that fills Denver with disciples of Jesus. "Movement" and "fills" are big words, especially in the Wild West which is largely disinterested in organized religion ("y'all leave that stuff in Texas").  But I think Jesus himself is really attractive, alive and powerful.  And I think everyone needs to know and follow him.

I work on two fronts: I'm lead pastor of Fellowship Denver Church, which I founded with a team of friends in 2006.  And I recruit, train and coach others to do the same through church planting.  I partner with the Acts 29 Network, where I serve as Colorado Network Director and on the board. I also invest in Fellowship Associates, the network that trained me and sent me out.

Finally, here's my just for fun interests:

  • Playing: Skiing in the cold months, Fly-fishing and road cycling in the warm months
  • Rooting: Arkansas Razorbacks, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Braves
  • Reading: American history, Biblical theology, Classic modern fiction