Welcome to "Integrated Gospel"
Monday, December 31, 2012 at 9:15PM
Hunter Beaumont in Blog Intro

Welcome to my new blog project, Integrated Gospel.

What does the title mean?  I’ll unpack it more in a forthcoming post.  The teaser: Integrate means “to combine two things so that they become a whole” (credit to Mac’s Dictionary app).  So this is a blog about putting two things together, making a happy marriage of two big themes from the Bible, both sometimes referred to as “the gospel.” One theme focuses on the salvation of people, the other on the coming of the kingdom of God. 

If neither sounds familiar, come back; upcoming posts will explain.  Here’s the reason for this blog: Though salvation and kingdom of God are both called “gospel,” they are rarely combined so that they become a whole, rarely told as a single gospel.  More often, they’re told one or the other without each other, sometimes even nefariously divorced.  So this is an effort to put them together into a coherent whole, hence “Integrated Gospel.”

How this blog will work:

Focused theme.  This is not a blog about everything.  Meet me for happy hour, and I’ll come peppered with fresh opinions about politics, college football, British shoesthe infield fly rule and the newest theological dustups.  But those thoughts don’t need to be published here.  So this is just a blog about one thing.

Modest schedule.  Blogging experts say that if you want to build an audience, you’ll publish every day, perhaps several times a day.  Were I a professor, journalist or baseball bench coach, I’d write that often.  But my first priority is to be a full-time pastor.  So my pace will be 1-2 posts per week. To catch them when they come up, follow my Twitter feed or subscribe to the RSS.

Series.  Most of the posts will be part of longer series.  I’ll write one series at a time.  For example, the first series will be “Why we need an integrated gospel.”  I’ve got four reasons in the hopper, each coming in different posts.  Each post will be formatted like the title bar above: Post title and Series title.

Dialogue.  Finally, I want to create a conversation among our readers.  So I’ll monitor the comments and interact there regularly.  Please don't be shy.

That’s it for today!  I hope you’ll join me.

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